Product thinker excited about building useful tools that help people get things done.


Product Manager

Shipping smart, impactful products is my thing, getting there is the fun part. I've shaped the strategy and vision for products across a number of industries for both consumer and enterprise users, and have led teams through UX/UI design, development and release with an eye for quality. I look to data to inform product direction as much as intelligent design and clear usability.


My favorite products fit into user behaviors and patterns with ease, solve problems elegantly, and take a new refreshing approach to the service they provide.

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"The best — maybe the only? — real, direct measure of “innovation” is change in human behaviour."

~ Stewart Butterfield



When I'm not knee deep in product strategy I'm a long distance runner, a diver, urban gardener and can frequently be seen driving around in my 1975 VW Bus. Her name is Harriet and she's #fd943f.

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