Helping teams take ideas and turn them into viable, useful products that solve real world problems and that users will love.


Product Leader

I'm an experienced product leader with a keen eye for defining product visions with mission-driven KPIs. My passion is working on products that have a positive impact on people’s lives. 

I have over 7 years of product experience across a number of industries such as fin-tech, payment services, insurance, and e-commerce marketplaces. With insights collection and analysis, frequent iteration, and informed decision making I enable teams to move quickly driving growth and achieving goals.


My favorite products fit into user behaviors and patterns with ease, solve problems elegantly, and take a new refreshing approach to the service they provide.

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"The best — maybe the only? — real, direct measure of “innovation” is change in human behaviour."

~ Stewart Butterfield



When I'm not knee deep in product strategy I'm a long distance runner, a diver, urban gardener and can frequently be seen driving around in my 1975 VW Bus. Her name is Harriet and she's #fd943f.

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