Personal travel in your pocket



iOS & Android


May 2016


Two Designers
Six Developers


After years of successful relationship management with a high end clientele, this Boston based private aviation company was ready to take their services to the next level of luxury and efficiency. By seamlessly introducing mobile, both iOS and Android, into their offerings clients can now book and manage flights any time they need. 

I took this project from concept to launch, identifying customer needs, gathering business requirements, managing design and development, testing for quality, and release the App and Play store. 

iOS and Android screen shots

iOS and Android screen shots


What was accomplished:


With the goal of increased booking revenue the UX is designed to make reserving a flight simple, painless, and only ask for the most essential pieces of information from users to get them through the funnel as fast and easily as possible. 


By highlighting reserved flight options and customizations as well as the many benefits membership offers, users now have a reason to re-engage. 


Hit the ground running and released two complete applications in just six months of agile development, including a complete front and back end architecture and application style guide for future development.