Giving Still Images Sound





August 2013


Two Designers
Six Developers


Before Apple introduced its Live Photo, Founder of Shuttersong, William Agush, had an innovative idea for creating a meaningful way to experience our vast library of digital photos. The extremely simple and modern design allows users to navigate throughout the app without worrying about their next step while they create amazing digital experiences. The use of icons in place of language allows for an easy expansion into international markets.

I took this project from concept to launch, identifying market trends, gathering requirements, managing development, testing for quality, and release the App and Play store. 

I’ve worked with Jenny now for over two years. Throughout that time Jenny has been the person on the spot for me, shepherding my mobile apps through development, updating, redesign and the always tense approval process. She’s handled that with grace, good humor and precision - keeping me informed without overwhelming me with detail that doesn’t contribute to decisions or my knowledge. What I also appreciate is that she has come to understand when I really need something dealt with often before I know I need it and has a calm and actionable plan to get the issue sorted. Any client would be well served by Jenny’s skills and commitment.
— William Agush, Founder

What was accomplished:


Combined with the unique user experience, a unique patent-pending file type was created called a .SSNG file. This file type allows for a compressed audio & image file that is created and stored server side. The compression algorithm we created enables for faster response times.


Experimental Windows Surface experience that allows the users to utilize the touch screen capabilities to navigate their Shuttersongs.


Localized to five languages with a global AWS infrastructure